Bowls by Andrew Potocnik

                                                                   Bowls by Andrew Potocnik

Judges & Prizes



Dr Alex Selenitsch is a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design at the University of Melbourne. He has taught architectural design, theory and history at Deakin University, RMIT and the University of Melbourne and has championed the inclusion of wood design and construction in architectural course curriculum. His creative practice ranges from literature and graphics to sculpture, furniture and architecture A survey of his work titled LIFE/TEXT was held at Heide, MOMA, Melbourne in 2015/2016.

Linda Nathan is print and online editor of Australian Wood Review, Australia’s foremost magazine for fine woodworkers. As well as authoring hundreds of articles she has curated several exhibitions, and conceived and judged many competitions and awards schemes for woodworkers.

Ward Petherbridge is the owner of commercial timber waste recycling firm Smart Recycling. He was the instigator and co-founder of the Victorian Woodworkers Association's successful Create from a Crate Exhibition and is also a VWA Committee Member and a keen collector of fine woodworking. 

Adam Stewart is a long-term Victorian Woodworker Association (VWA) member. A successful and highly respected woodworker, he has a keen eye for design and innovation. Adam was previously a tenant of the Association’s prestigious residency program and a teacher at the VWA School of Woodcraft. 

Davey Warnock is the Cultural Programs Officer at Manningham City Council and the exhibition co-curator




Valued at almost $10,000

We are excited to announce the 2017 prizes are valued at over $10,000

The Victorian Woodworkers Association Best in Show Award
Smart Recycling Most Creative Use of Timber Packaging Waste Award
$1,500 *Create from a Crate Entrants Only
City Rural Insurance Brokers People's Choice Award
Design & Innovation Award

$500 & Mirka Deros sander valued at $847 from Best Abrasives.

Timbecon Cabinet Making Award - Create from a Crate
$500 and a $250 Timbecon voucher  
Timbecon Cabinet Making Award – Fine Woodworking
$500 and a $250 Timbecon voucher  

Turning/Sculpture Award


The Victorian Woodworkers Association President’s Award
12 month membership to Handkrafted- value $360.00